What is a Seed ball?

Seed ball is a proven and tested economical method designed for large scale afforestation. It’s a ball made up of combination of mud and cow dung with a seed inside it. This is a proven and time tested method.

Main intention of the seed ball program is to create “People movement” across the nation through Navodaya Vidyalaya students, staff and its Alumni.

How the seed ball prepared?

  • Seed ball mixture is prepared by mixing red soil and cow dung in 30-50% ratio.
  • Seed is placed in the middle of a ball made up of moist mixture of red soil/locally available soil and cow dung/Organic manure.
  • Seed ball is then dried up in shade.
  • This dried, hard Seed ball is then sowed or thrown in waste lands /hilly area/forest area just before the monsoon or rainy season.
  • When the rain soaks the seed ball, the seeping water germinates the seed inside the seed ball.
  • The sprouting seed uses the nutrients of the seed ball and its roots spread inside the land and grows up to become a tree sapling.
  • This sapling grows up to become a big tree without any effort.

Better results than traditional plantation due to following factors:

  • Grown in natural environment fighting for the survival – Immunity is high.
  • Mother root will be stronger and it guides the rest of the roots deeper in earth – Longer life span
  • Roots will trace the water sources, this enables Stronger chances of survival as compared to sapling which are planted and Stronger water retention capacity.

Benefits of using the Seed ball:

  • Economical
  • Scalable model
  • Easy to prepare and disperse in dry lands.
  • Increases oxygen levels in the atmosphere and reduces pollution.
  • Decreases carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere as trees absorb them.
  • Lowers soil Erosion during rainy season.
  • Increases the ground water level.
  • Wood, bio mass, and compost for farmers from tree leaves, branches.